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La Otra Piel (The Other Skin) - May 2021

The first 10 of 30 questions & answers on a wide range of sexy subjects.

Interview & photos by PhotoRawCo

How did you start in the world of bdsm?

This is curious because unconsciously I was always attracted to this aesthetic of leather, latex, ropes and tied women! Once I participated in a call to be part of a performance made by the missed Lady Zunga, for a famous magazine party in Bogotá. The performance consisted of simulating the last scene of the famous movie Requiem for a dream. If you can remember there are two women sharing a double ended dildo! Hahaha well the idea was to act as a submissive alongside another great artist Medusa Perverette, characterizing this scene and other submission practices. This is how I met these magical people and this wonderful world of sensations on the surface.

Name something that you enjoy doing in your free time?

Sleep. I never have enough hahaha.

What are you afraid of?

Too hairy spiders.

Your cardinal sin?

Guess? I think I have both gluttony and lust, although I think it has been the same, I always want more haha.

Which lingerie do you like more: Lace or Cotton?

Lace, although for my taste, harnesses and tights.

Any satisfaction you want to do?

Ooops participate in an oiled fight hahaha.

Your favorite sex toy?

My hands.

Favorite food?


When you are at your best, what is the rude or bad word that you like to say?

Haha like the famous Colombian porn actress HP how rich my love!

Besides where are you living, where would you like to live and with whom?

I think that any place is magical if you share it with the right person, but being less corny I would like to live in Barcelona. I fell in love with this city from the movie Lucia & sex.

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